Tuesday, August 02, 2005

it's a small, small (blogging) world

the way i got into reading and writing blogs was starting with one blog, clicking on it's links to another blog, clicking on that blog's links to still other blogs, and so on. isn't this how most people get started? but recently, some things have happened that showed me that even in blogger-land, it's a small world. really small. potentially uncomfortably small.

about a month ago, the sam was alerting me to the fact that sarah brown had pictures up from a party she had been to on a rooftop in brooklyn, and that in these pictures was a photograph containing a beer samantha had once had and had been trying to remember for ages with little success. note: sarah's blog was one of the first blogs i ever started reading on a regular basis, and i still read it from time to time when i want to be reminded of what it was like when i was young and living in new york. plus, she's damned funny. but anyway--i immediately rushed over to flickr to check it out. and lo and behold! the rooftop was the very same one that alyce and i once went to a party on back in the dark ages of like 1995 or something. we sang all of bohemian rhapsody on that roof with a guy named fireman mike who was from maine and whose girlfriend nastia (her real name) was shooting daggers at us with her evil eyes all night. we got drunk and i barely managed to save alyce from the lecherous grasp of the skeezy roommate of the guy whose party it was. so what are the odds that the same rooftop, on which i stood for a single night, would re-appear in this manner? strange, non?

and then--even weirder: late last week, i was reading this fish, yet another blog of a young new york-dwelling lass, and i started clicking links. the fish, she has quite a few of these, and i was feeling rather random. so i clicked and read, clicked and read, until i ended up here, on the blog of a girl who just moved into my neighborhood, onto my very street. her blog even had a picture of the house at the end of the street. of COURSE i left a comment! how could i NOT??!?! i am still kind of amazed at the randomness of it all. she emailed me back, and we now have plans to be all neighborly and meet for a glass of the sweet* red vino on thursday--whoo hoo.

but wait--it gets even weirder. further investigation reveals that this woman is friends with the local friends of the hippie's ex. this i also know because of blogs--this time because of the ex's blog. i don't think that the new girl has any personal ties to the ex, but man, what a coincidence!

life--it's all just one big set-up.
*and when i use sweet here, i do not mean sweet as in sugar on my tongue. i mean divine--dry with more than a hint of sassiness. the full roundness of plums and cherries on the palate. perhaps a peppery finish. ahhhhh...the vino...


Samantha said...

heh. heh. you said "set-up"

Much luck in the meeting tomorrow man, I wish someone would offer to come over and get shitfac....uh I mean have a glass of wine with me.

But no all I get is the cream corn.


Alyce said...

You're as cold as ice!
Thanks for the memories....