Wednesday, August 17, 2005

jealous of howard stern

and i hate howard stern!!! what does this say about me? I am actually JEALOUS of howard stern's hair. i got a haircut a couple of weeks ago--i was going for something like uma thurman's hair in the movie be cool--and the girl who did my hair cut it about 4 inches shorter than she should have for it to fall where we had discussed it falling. this is a risk when your hair is curly--people fuck it right up. they cut it like it's straight hair, and then it shrinks up to your scalp in little annoying flyaway ringlets. can you tell i am unhappy with this haircut??? then randomly today, i come across this picture of howard stern of all people, sporting the hair i wanted. what is THAT all about??? add in that my favorite restaurant is closing, my car is about to cost me another zillion dollars to take car of, and my favorite yarn brand is not only being discontinued, but the whole yarn company that produced it is has been dissolved, and well--i am not having a good week here people. *sigh*


Em said...

Having seen your "offending" haircut for myself, I'd have to say that you're totally wrong about it!

Samantha said...


Flaurella said...

I can empathize but remember, it is only hair and it will grow and look different in a month anyway.

Don't let the little stuff get you down.

PS... might be time for a different car if this one is costing you too much.

TGIF tomorrow. Don't be sad!