Tuesday, August 23, 2005

farewell to stardust...

last week i got an email that made me awfully sad--the subject line was, "farewell to stardust." as i have talked about before, stardust is easily our favorite restaurant in the state, and one of our favorites, period. the hippie and i have gone there as often as we could, and they have always remembered us. plus, it's been a beach trip tradition since we started going to emerald isle instead of the outer banks. between ashley and ralph, the owners, ahsley's mother who has often greeted us at the hostess stand, molly, one of the greatest bartenders ont he planet, and darla, the best waitress ever, it has just always been an amazing dining experience. we have felt like part of their extended family. so--to celebrate our birthdays, we planned a spontaneous weekend trip to beaufort to go to stardust one last time. and what a time it was! honestly it felt a bit like a wake. we ate too much, talked too much, drank too much, and basically went down with the ship. FABULOUS evening. check out the photos, which i think capture the spirit of the evening in spite of the poor photo quality.

let me also say that the rest of the weekend was awesome as well. there was a full moon on friday, so we actually got to go on a moonlight sail--divine. and we did a whole lot of nothing. sat in our favorite of the local coffee shops and read and knitted. poked in shops, had lunches at the beaufort grocery company, hung out on the porches of our B&B... it was the Right Thing®.

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Meredith said...

No Stardust. Deep sadness.