Monday, August 08, 2005

honeysuckle time

while driving into work this morning, i came across some DJs playing run DMC's old school hip hop song, peter piper. very amusing--totally takes me back to the days when kimmie and i used to write raps in class, long long ago in high school. i turned it up loud and cruised toward the job with a smile on my face.

when the song was over, the DJs were so into it, they played it again, this time with themselves as accompaniment--they were yelling louder than run DMC. again--very amused. but the best part was after that, when they were trying to do the weather report, and the girl was laughing so hard you could barely understand that it might rain this afternoon. then the guy came on to do the traffic, and he sounded just like the great barry white, all low, and slow, and growly, and he said,

"on the road right now, it's honeysuckle time...
there's nothing in your way on the raod today..."

i ask you--what could be better than that?

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