Friday, July 08, 2005

fried on friday

this whole not-having-time-to-blog thing is getting old. i have been totally bogged down in the details of a conference i am planning for work. the conference is next week, so hopefully things will finally slow down a little bit. i can't wait to get it over with so i can get back to my normal work. don't get me wrong--i love planning a party, but this is whole week of meetings, with over half the attendees traveling and needing help with their travel arrangements, plus dinners and parties, trying to coordinate cars and transportation, and trying to come up with stuff for people to do in california where i don't live or know my way around all that well. it has been a TRIAL, and i am TIRED--whew!

at least i HAVE found time to knit a little bit this week. i am making progress on my crumpets top at last!!! check out the update i squeezed in over on the knit-along today. i think i have shown this top to anyone i can get to look at it. it's nice to be so excited about something i am making. :)

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