Wednesday, December 13, 2006

around the house...

glass eye ornament, red and white
slowly, but surely i have been decorating for christmas. the tree is up and decorated, the snowflake lights are hung on the porch, the stockings are hung, the christmas linens are on the table, and the mantle is slowly filling with christmas cards. you should see the living room, however--stuff EVERYWHERE! i have to clean up from decorating
kitties under the tree
(i love unwrapping my favorite ornaments, but man, does it ever make a mess)! that's on the list for tonight, the first night without any plans in literally weeks. my whole plan is to address christmas cards, wrap presents, and blast my christmas music. if i can swing it, i may even make some cookies. worse than ever before, christmas has crept up on me this year. we have a ton of fun stuff going on, but man, it's a little over-the-top busy, too! there are so many things i usually do that i have just had no time for. i have amarylis and paperwhite bulbs, which i bought a month ago and have not yet taken out of the bag, much less planted. i need flowers on my table and wreaths on my doors. i am looking forward to next week, when the majority of my commitments are over and i can sit still. knit. finish things up. bask in the light of my christmas tree.

hippie's new computer, WIP
meanwhile, i am a widow to this ----->

christmas has come early for the hippie--he's building a new computer. he's so excited, and it's GREAT to watch him messing with it--he's like a--well--a kid at christmas! this week, he's left me for all his new hardware. tonight as i write out cards and bake, he will be tinkering and swearing in the back room and having the time of his life. all this frivolity comes at a price, however: the back room looks like this.


Anonymous said...

all the pictures of the house make me homesick to be there! love the porch!! and wish i was there to play with the new puter stuff too!!! ~pseudo-mom

Jacqui said...

Well I checked out your pics of the computer room and frankly I don't see the problem. My living room looks like that on any given day! lol Uhoh, was that my out-loud voice?

Your kitties are beautiful!