Monday, December 04, 2006

i have to admit...

i haven't posted in a couple of days, and it feels WEIRD after a whole month of writing every single day. all weekend, i kept feeling like i should be taking a second to drop at LEAST a little note to the blogging world. however, i was AWAY. the hippie and i spent the beach out of contact with the outside world at the beach. i even turned my phone off. bizarre.

i'll write more about he fabulous weekend tomorrow, but for now you get a little update:

1) my knee is WAY better.
2) my new dance shoes aren't going to make it in time for the last dance class of this session. DAMMIT.
3) i think i may need to move to the beach.
4) i didn't get enough knitting done this weekend!
5) i am going to go get my christmas tree tonight--whoo hoo!
6) lamb stew is FABULOUS when it's cold out. i'm just sayin'...
7) it's only 21 days till christmas, which means only about 15 days to mail stuff. holy crap!
7b) thank JESUS for priority mail!
8) this weekend is our friend mary's christmas party, which ROCKS!
9) my friend sonya bought me a pink poinsettia sprayed with silvery glitter for my office--it goes VERY well with my tree!
10) work is kicking my ass today, so i think it's time to go home...

ps--i was correct. i didn't win any prizes. good thing i wasn't holding my breath. *sigh*


Flaurella said...

Could you please email me privately with your full name and address? I kept the last mailing from you but someone who is now in now the doghouse threw it out. Grrr. Now why can't he clean up HIS stuff instead of mine? I am, afterall, the neat one!

Anyway, wanted to send you a card and don't know where to mail.

Thanks. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

let me know when you're moving to the beach - my bag is packed:) love you~pseudo-mom

Meredith said...

When you move to the beach, please make sure to find a house with a guest room. I'll be moving in immediately!

Kristin said...

sorry you didn't win....i really wanted to see you in the "I fuck like a girl" t-shirt. :0)
i enjoyed every entry whether the blog gods did or not.