Wednesday, April 25, 2007

creature comforts

this past weekend we had a housewarming party. and let me tell you, people--there is no better way to get your own ass in gear and unpack some boxes than to throw a party! we got the downstairs half of the house pretty well done before said soirette, and the upstairs is at least fit for humans, if not remotely complete. well--to be honest, you still can't walk in the studio, but hey--no one but me cares about the stuff in there anyway. well--maybe THK cares. and meredith. and the hippie, whose yarn is hidden among my own. but i digress...

the housewarming was (as demanded by our friends) a cocktail party. i made pineapple infused vodka with which i made a bunch of martinis, and they were a huge hit. (meredith and i have been known to drink a whole fifth of pineapple infused vodka in one sitting, so i can attest that they are not only easy, but also easy to drink. not that this was the only cocktail, but i like to feature something. y'all let me know if you need to know how to make 'em.) and here's the thing--i kind of forgot that people give you presents at housewarmings. i mean, i would definitely give a housewarming present, but i didn't really think about GETTING any. many people gave us wine, giftcards to stores where we need stuff, etc. and my friend sonya blew me away by giving us 6 soup bowls in my grandmother's china pattern AND a beautiful piece of art glass. WAY more generosity than i deserve. and yeah--there were many fabulous gifts, so i won't bore you by running through the whole list. BUT. i HAVE to share THESE:

family portrait
THK made us these sock creatures, and not only do i LOVE them, but i also think they look just awesome on the blue blue wall of our new giant bedroom. are they not the cutest things you've ever seen that don't meow or bark or have fur??? they are from a book called stupid sock creatures, and i think maybe i need to try making one myself. i am not sure i could rival these, though--they are just great. :)

all in all, it was a good party. i am SO GLAD it's over. and now i have the new weekend coming up, and i am torn between going home to see my mama, working on the house some more, and just sitting on my ass knitting for a whole weekend. what to do...

oh, and as an aside, meredith's posting again and she even has pictures of knitting! yay!

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gray la gran said...

cute! cute! cute! i love me some sock creatures :)
they can pretend they're in greece, against that incredibly blue wall ;)