Tuesday, April 03, 2007

lest you think it's all doom and gloom over here...

pink gerbera

flowers make everything better. meredith sent us these lovely gerbera daisies last week, and they are still looking fabulous on my kitchen counter. they are the bright and lovely oasis in the otherwise wildly disorganized house. and they give me hope that some day (hopefully soon!) the house will be worthy of them. i am making a little headway every day, and i know i will get there eventually. feng shui be damned--the house is starting to be lovely. the hippie's mother also sent us a beautiful rosemary plant, which is an amazingly thoughful gift. the hippie and i both ADORE rosemary! at the old apartment, we had this big gorgeous rosemary bush in the front yard, and i was so sad to leave it behind. this new beauty will live in its pot for the summer, and then i will plant it next to my front walk, where i am hopeful that it will thrive and grow and become part of our daily landscape. really, all stress aside, life is good, people. life is good.

ps--my camera battery remains dead as a doornail, so alas, there are no pictures of the rosemary to share. maybe someday, i will find the charger.

pps--as we have come into april, the colors of project spectrum have changed! we have moved away from blue, white, and grey into the springier combination of pink, green, and yellow. consider this pink flower to be my introduction to project spectrum, phase the second.

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