Tuesday, April 10, 2007


green. second only to blue on the list of colors i love. that banana leaf in the top corner makes me want to buy all new oil paint and a new easel and breathe in the smell of turpentine like i haven't done in years and years. and i will, just as soon as i get the studio unpacked and set up. but in the more immediate future, i have the green sweater for kimmie's baby (the girl that is--the blue sweater in progress is for the boy) to start, a green blanket for a different baby to make by the end of may in this lovely pale grassy green yarn i bought a couple of weeks ago, and some green malabrigo still hanging around for a sweater for gabriella (if i can ever get around to it). green is a strange color for me to think about consciously including elsewhere, because it's implicitly everywhere! i am sure i will be using some green in any embroidering i do as well as in any of the botanical drawings i have floating around in the back of my head, and i use it pretty much every day in my cooking as well. not to mention how many rooms in my house (kitchen, dining room, guest room, laundry room, powder room...) are now painted green--the hippie, he loves green, too!

for the record, i will also be glad when this cold snap we are having goes away and lets all the plants get back to flowering and turning green.


sgeddes said...

Another beautiful mosaic! I love seeing your picture compositions.

Kristin said...

ALWAYS love your photos and envy your eye...when i try to photo life at a different angle, it merely looks like a pic from some whacko angle...whereas yours is ART. still haven't gotten your flickr instructions....i will send you an email from the yahoo acct. you may be using the school one and that is not as reliable or accessible from home (i have the luxury of playing the role of "stay at home mom" this week - work SO gets in the way of life). :0)

Meredith said...

That cocktail in the middle....can I get one of those? :)

Celia said...

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