Tuesday, May 08, 2007

death of a baby blanket

yellow baby blanket, WIP
i haven't had much time to knit or make things over the past couple of months, but in what little time i HAVE had, i have been working on this yellow baby blanket. (how cool does it look in my blue bag?) there are so many babies being born this year for whom i want to make gifts--i am afraid some of them will be a little late. this one was supposed to be for jeff and carrie's baby, who is going to be born TODAY (if all goes well), but circumstance and love forced a bit of a change. this blanket met with a different fate...

adam with his baby blanket

adam with his new blanket
this top picture is my friend alyce's son, adam, when he was only a week old. i made him a yellow baby blanket before he was born, and he has been covered up with it from day one of his life. it's his "banket", and is a miracle worker for him--it goes where he goes. it soothes his hurts and calms him for sleeping. and when he was very small, it developed a little hole, which adam stuck his tiny hand through and held onto. as he has grown, so has the hole. until, well--the hole got so big that he could put the blanket over his head like a poncho. a couple of weeks ago, he was doing this at day care, and the day care folks told alyce that adam would have to leave the blanket at home--they considered it a safety hazard. so. alyce called me, and begged for a new one. adam was in the background yelling for me to PLEEEEEEASE make him a new banket! how can anyone say no to that? so i busted ass to finish up the yellow blanket, and sent it to adam as soon as it was done. i didn't even wash it first, figuring alyce will be washing it pretty much every day anyway. and well--you see the results! he LOVES banket 2.0 as much as he loved banket 1.0, which i believe is now packed away. alyce said he keeps showing everyone the new blanket, and telling them, “jackie made it for you.” breaks my heart with cuteness! and i know i have said it before, but man, does it not make you happy when something you have made is loved, literally to death? maybe i will just go ahead and make a bigger one so it's ready for him on his 4th birthday. :)

no worries, by the way, the new blanket for Freeman_Baby v2.0 is will on its way to completion as well. it's a completely different color--there's only so much yellow knitting i can take!


Laura said...

Aww what a precious story!! I don't think anybody minds waiting for something that will be loved so much!! What yarn did you use?

jackie said...

hey laura! it's paton's melody in the color, sun rays. this blanket is a simple basket weave with a garter edge and takes about 4 and a half skeins. it's great because it's machine washable and dryable and gets softer every time you wash it!

gray la gran said...

jackie, with your record of good deeds, i'm gonna be kinda lonely in hell.