Wednesday, May 16, 2007

mama's house


wild ginger cluster

mock orange
this weekend i went home to see my mama. i haven't been home since christmas, which always makes my parents a little sad, so i figured it was time to make the effort. plus i miss them! it was one of those quickie trips home that left me pretty exhausted, but it was also utterly relaxing to be there. since my father retired, he has taken on the yard as one of his major projects, and my mother has joined forces with him--it's been great for both of them. and the yard? it's looking pretty awesome. there's a path through the woods--the same path where my childhood bff, lee, and i used to run together--that my father has taken firmly in hand. he's turned into something of a garden: he and my mother have planted hastas and azeleas and ferns as well as carefully babying the shade blooming groundcovers, mosses, and ferns that were already there. the wild ginger is thriving. there was even a trillium lily about to bloom. my dad has gotten all into roses, and has some lovely and fragrant ones blooming and climbing trelises. there are rhododendrons and beds of wildflowers and sweet william in the yard. my mother kept telling me that i had missed all the spring blooms and that i should have seen it 3 weeks ago, but to me--it seemed that there was something lovely every way i turned. and the smell!!! i forgot that lush green earthy small that you get in the spring in the woods. so peaceful. i spent most of my time there knitting in the swing in between walks through the woods. i could have stayed a month.

i didn't take a ton of pictures, but the ones i did take are here if you are interested. this one of my dad's favorite toy might be my favorite.


Anonymous said...

daddy looks like a driver:) first pix i've really seen of him. what a beautiful yard! we have to visit your house some day!!! love~pseudo-mom

jackie said...

oh denise--daddy IS a driver. it doesn't matter how long he's been off the road. i am all for taking you and T up to meet the 'rents if you're interested. be warned though--my daddy is a replica of yours! :)