Monday, May 14, 2007

a meme? really?

y'all, i have been blogging a while, and this is the first time anyone has ever tagged me for a meme. a certain yarn maniac has directed me to do the 8 things meme, so i figure--why not?! it's an easy one--i just have to tell you 8 interesting things about myself, and then tag 8 people to do the same. that should be simple enough. :)

let's see...

  • i loathe raspberries and always have--this seems to freak people out.
  • my dream is to own my own business and to make enough money doing creative things athat i don't need a separate "day job".
  • i like to read physics books and do math for fun. i never have enough time for this.
  • my goal for this year is to produce at least one oil painting, inspired by either this or this. i used to paint all the time, but have not had room for it in years. this is one of the reasons the new house excites me--i have a studio!!!
  • i hate it when my toenails aren't painted. the only pictures of myself i ever like are pictures of my feet.
  • my favorite thing to do on vacation is cook. my second favorite thing to do is walk.
  • i wish i lived by the sea, and yet being in the ocean kind of terrifies me.
  • mother's day is depressing. i wish i was a mother, and i am pretty sure i never will be--makes that day a little rough.

  • and now i will tag my eight people. hmmmm. how about meredith, THK (who might post here instead of here), laura, allegra, flaurella, kristin, kimmie (just do it in the comments, kimmie--or you know, start you a blog...), and the sam. i feel like such a JOINER! :)


    Anonymous said...

    jackie, thanks for tagging me! you know i love these things. OK, here goes:
    1. i love college basketball - like, plan-my-life-around-it love it. i get depressed when it is over, and when my team loses, i may be in a funk for several days. my dream job would most likely involve being a writer during college basketball season. not a sports writer, per se, but a columnist who can write whatever she damn well pleases about any topic happening in the sport of college basketball.
    2. Turtles freak me out - don't know why, but they do.
    3. i don't like it when something on-screen morphs - whether it's a movie, a cartoon, a commercial, it gives me the heebie-jeebies. reason why i have probably never watched a sci-fi movie (or the Terminator movies).
    4. i have this weird thing about going to a restaurant where you come out smelling like the restaurant (a few examples are hibachi and/or mexican). i can't stand to smell like my food.
    5. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday - you can't beat Christmas, of course, but there's something great about the more stress-free, food-and-family focused tradition of Turkey Day. 6. i love the ocean, and would love to have a house by the sea one day. however, my husband loves the mountains (which i also enjoy), so don't know how that will work.
    7. Right now, i live in michigan. don't ask me how this east-coast, southern raised girl ended up here, but i am. for the short term - long term, we'll see!
    8. i am pregnant with twins - all natural, no fertility anything. and, i'm the size of a small tug boat with 3 months still left to go. arggh . . .
    jackie, love ya!

    Meredith said...

    Super. Thanks. I'll get right on it.


    jackie said...

    ha! kimmie, i had forgotten all about that whole morphing problem of yours! too funny. and how is it that i have known you for almost 30 years (!!!) without knowing that turtles freak you out? really--is that even possible?

    meredith, i can feel your enthusiasm from here. try to hold back, girl!

    Kristin said...

    my long-winded meme is done. kimmie and the turtles...didn't know that myself OR about the morphing. i failed to mention that i know what the H stands for in Jesus H. Christ - thought we needed to keep that one a secret. the world just isn't ready for such knowledge.

    yarnmaniac said...

    Thanks for playing!

    gray la gran said...

    i'm taking the low road ....

    1. sometimes i make funny little noises ... grunts or squeaks. i don’t know why. maybe because of stress or congestion. i can’t say i’m aware of it. my friends and family do a fine job of pointing out my “noises”.

    2. i hate how i look in shorts. i’d rather walk around naked. so, it’s either pants or skirts or dresses. i hike and bike in a skirt.

    3. i live in a sort of disarray. but, every morning, i make up my bed as soon as i get up. though i may be surrounded by chaos, at least my bed isn’t an eyesore too.

    4. i take my little sock creature, stuart, everywhere with me. i can’t sleep w/o him. yes, i am a grown woman, and i still have toys.

    5. i have very strong convictions about right and wrong, and often defend those that i feel are defenseless. some perceive this as me just being argumentative, but it’s not that ... it’s just that one of the first things i learned in college from my first college professor was “silence is consent”. trust me, this has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion, and once ... a freak followed me home ((this freak was being mean and condescending to the cashier, and i told him that he was being an asshole (he was !)).

    6. i was raised by matinee tv. i believe in vampires, ghosts, monsters, supernatural, and other freaky things. i believe anything is possible. i mean, what would you do if you were driving down the highway, and glanced over and the face of the driver of the other car suddenly changed to a vampires ?! holy crap!

    7. i hate clowns. ‘nuff said.

    8. my biggest freakout ... halloween. the though of opening your door to a stranger in disguise, just because it’s a holiday. i do not participate. don’t ring my bell.

    9. oh, i can’t count.

    10. i take note when the clock reads 12:24.

    11. i really like the veronica mars show on the cw.