Thursday, November 01, 2007


1) it's november. i will be posting daily again. we'll see if i can pull it off.

2) i'm knocked up. i'vee been quietly blogging about it on the side over here. i'll link that blog in in the side bar when i get a minute.

3) my cat, scout is very very sick and probably dying. i am depressed as shit and am in hermit mode as a result. blah.

4) i have pictures and all kinds of news and shit. a lot's been happening, as evidenced by my conspicuous absense from this here internet. it's coming people. be patient with me.

did i say blah already? if not, then--blah.


sgeddes said...

I'm sorry about Scout. But Congratualtions on the new addtion!
that is wonderful news.

Denise said...

Praying for Scout!!! been thru this with raina and sasha, i know how hard it is. raina just adopted new kitty last night, Autumn, but she says no one understands how hard it was w/sasha - unless you've been thru it. We are with you in thoughts and prayers! love~momxxxooo