Wednesday, December 08, 2004

christmastime already?

thank goodness the illness is seeping slowly out of my body. i have been down with the plague and can only assume i have infected the hippie's entire family with it, as we were at their house in PA for the weekend. in spite of my being something of a dud and coughing out my lungs every 5 minutes, the weekend was good--good to see the family and be out on the farm for a bit.

and of course, on the way home, we spent too much money at IKEA!!! we now have bookshelves with which to line the hallways, if we ever get the put together. we seem to buy bookshelves a lot. but then--we buy books a lot too, so i guess this makes sense. IKEA rocks, by the way. we also got some shelving for the kitchen and some organizational stuff. they just have the best small space solutions of anyone.

and dude! it's like christmas and shit already!!! when did that happen??? when i was not looking, obviously. man, i have a lot to get done in the next 2 weeks! i have not even bought cards yet, but i will remedy that situation tonight: i am going on a whirlwind shopping extravaganza after work. and then i will go home and knit till my fingers fall off. time has just gotten away from me this year. i did at least sit down last night and make a list, so i already feel like i am getting things done. this is good. if only i didn't have a compulsion to MAKE things for everyone! but i do, and that is that. my big puzzle now is when in the hell we can get to the farmer's market to get the tree and put it up! i am hoping for sunday, when we get back fro maryland.

yes--we are leaving town again this weekend--this makes 3 weekends in a row! but this weekend it's for a big old party at our friends ralph and mary's house--one of the highlights of the season. assuming we make it... my boss is having a party here, too, which i hate to miss. too many choices. the holidays end up over-booked pretty quickly for us. i am not complaining, though--i love all this hustle and bustle and stuff to do. this is one of my favorite times of year. i even thrive under the pressure i think. yay for christmas!

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