Thursday, December 23, 2004

today's mood: grumpy but hopeful

work is dead. and samantha has rudely deserted me, so i am forced to come up with other ways to make myself useful kill time till five o'clock when i can go home.

christmas is in two days, and i will not be ready. i am ALMOST ready, but not quite. and the problem with not having enough to do at work is that i have TOO much to do at home, but i can't get to any of it right now. there are days (read: every day) when i miss being unemployed. if it weren't for that money thing...

and don't get me wrong, i love my boss, and my job is mostly fine, i just wish we were independently wealthy so that we could just work on our own stuff. i have PLENTY to keep me busy--always. stupid money. *grumble*

and my head hurts.

ok--enough bitching. on a more cheerful note, tomorrow is christmas eve, which we will spend with friends eating the fabulous italian feast i will make for us. here, for your drooling pleasure, is the menu:

  • an antipasto platter featuring olives, artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes marinated in olive oil and thyme, sauteed baby portabellas, fresh mozerella, sopressata, roasted yellow peppers, and pepperoncini

  • caesar salad (made by betsy)

  • bruchetta with tomato and basil

  • rosemary sourdough bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

  • 3-cheese tortelloni with priciutto and alfredo sauce

  • baked asparagus with parmesan and butter

  • herb roasted chicken

  • dark chocolate pudding

  • a non-chocolate dessert made or purchased by jenn


the cooking doesn't scare me--it's all the knitting and wrapping i need to finish!!! god, christmas came fast this year!


Samantha said...

I didn't rudely desert you, now come on. Everyone knows it's the fricken holidays and I had to go greet my mother to show her the zit I produced in honor of her visit. So you can just get over it. :-p

jackie said...

can you just feel the love here or what? lol