Monday, December 20, 2004

elf work is hard work

man, i always forget how long it takes to wrap present after present after present. and yes--this would again go faster if i could resist martha-stewart-ing them up. but y'all should know by now--i just can't. no matter how pressed for time i am (and DAMN am i pressed for time this year!), i just HAVE to tie the cute little bows with the organdy ribbon, and stack the presents just so, yadda yadda yadda.

sometimes i wish i could bring myself to just slap it all together.

and well--the simple fact is that some of my gifts are not going to make it in time this year. i just can't help it--time has run away from me.

meanwhile, time crunch or not, i have had to stop a minute, as my back is about to kill me from sitting in the floor wrapping presents for hours on end. and there is more to do, but dude--sometimes you just gotta stop. when i can face it again, i will go pack everything that needs to be mailed so that it can all be shipped away tomorrow. that outta be fun. the post office HOW many days before christmas??? i MUST be insane.

thank you baby jesus for priority mail.

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