Wednesday, December 29, 2004


ok, so i am thinking about fashion again. i have not been thinking about it much in the past year and a half--getting laid off makes you think VERY fucking differently about spending monney. but dude--mama needs some new clothes. i am trying to wait until i drop some weight before i do any serious spending, but i am SUCH a clothes horse that it is almost impossible for me to make it through a whole season with only 2 or 3 purchases to tide me over. i have missed entire trends.

and the SHOES!!! i realized that i have not bought a single pair of shoes in over a year! THE HORROR!!! what have i missed while hibernating away from the shoes? and how much of this is due to my lack of travel to the places with the good shoes? places like new york, and boston, and dallas, and san francisco. but i can tell you right now--i am going to boston in february, and i will most definitely be looking for shoes.

all this is egged on by the discovery of a favorite new blog, manolo's shoe blog, one of the more refreshing things i have come across in a WHILE. the manolo is not only amusing, but also right, and he offers temptations i have no will to resist. peruse him at will, as will i.

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jo said...

I might not be able to offer great advise on shoes, but I am here for knitting help if you ever need it. My best advise is start new project with skills you havn't learned yet, and learn as you go along. And don't worry, I don't really like uggs either)