Tuesday, January 04, 2005

warning: post will be rambly

i am feeling like babbling, and you, internet, just have to put up with it. or if you would rather not, then you can go be entertained by one of the fabulous blogs to which i have linked in my sidebar. if you are game, however, stick around, and we will see where we go.

i made a new year's resolution: no french fries and no chips for a year. that's all. i have other goals for the year, but i would not call them new year's resolutions. like get out of debt and start saving some money, lose about 50 pounds, yadda yadda yadda--all the usual shit i talk about. but the fries and chips thing is a bona fide resuolution. done with those till 2006.

i bought my friend jenn a fabulous knitting book for christmas, weekend knitting, by melanie falick. and the funny thing is, jason's grandmother bought the same book for me. not that i think this is a total coincidence, but man, am i glad to have it! it was recommended to me by becky ganzhorn, and awesome woman i wish lived close enough to me to actually hang out with. i am dying to make like half the stuff in this book RIGHT NOW. but i have to finish a baby blanket, two more scarves, and a felted bag i am working on first. then--look out.

so, tonight i am having an evening at home alone--the first in a long while. and while i love my hippie, and i am happy to see all of our friends as much as we can, i am also glad for a bit of time to myself. especially becasuse tonight there is nothing i feel i have to get done. i am puttering about, and it is fabulous.

the hippie was telling me today that /. had an article on blog reading in 2004 in which they said that blog reading was up 58% last year. i have a personal theory that this is because so many technically-minded folks were (and still are) unemployed. if they are like i was, then they are already online, so why not read something interesting while looking for jobs that don't exist? thus, the blog. i bet this trend just continues to grow. people like looking into other people's closets, even if the closet turns out to be not so interesting.

speaking of which, a friend of mine recently told me my blog was boring. he said that i talk only about work and cleaning, with which i do NOT agree. but still i have been thinking about this. i think that the problem is that he has known me a long long time, so he knows many of my stories. i am a story-teller by nature, something i got from my mother. and if you talk to me in person, then you quickly learn that i am animated and amusing and talk with my whole body. and i think that these stories for which he longs would not translate so well to the internet. plus i am faced with two other problems:
a) i think that, taken out of context, some of the stories could grossly misrepresent me or offend someone utterly by accident. it is hard to get your intent across all the time with just type.

b) many many many of these stories are about my family, and i am reluctant to put their stories on the internet. further, some of them involve *ahem* somewhat *ahem* illicit activities.
so--um--no. the things i talk about here are just whatever things i happen to be thinking about. maybe i will try a couple of stories sometime to see how they go, and then add from there. but internet, i am not optimistic.

and for a complete non sequitur: yesterday i fed ella catherine, the baby daughter of my friends jeff and carrie, and then held her for like an hour. she fell asleep on my chest like a little bean, and it was divine. (but i think it scared the crap out of the hippie.)

and on yet another completely unrelated topic, i bought some new black pants at last. (i'd show you a picture, but they are gone from the website already.) i have been trying not to spend too much on clothes as i am not the size i want to be, but a person just needs a good pair of black pants. my previous ones died a long and painful death, but--they're dead, jim. so thank god a suitable replacement could be located. i also decided to forego the fabulous john fluevog shoes i almost bought to wear with my jeans in favor of getting some new workout clothes. the workout clothes will do mo more good right now i think. my ass needs to be in the gym, and i am hoping that fashion will help inspire me.

let's see--i can't think of shit else, so i must be done rambling for now. thanks for putting up with it for this long.

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jo said...

Good luck on no fries and chips, for a whole year. Gosh that is inspiring. I love the fingerless mittens from weekend kniting, I have made them a few times! I am waiting to see pictures of your knitting creations! And don't worry we all get al little bit rambly, every now and then!