Thursday, January 13, 2005

a note about tea

i know i am Southern and all, and that we are supposed to all love tea. but man--i LOVE tea. i love it strong and black and hot and soothing when it is cold and grey outside. i love it iced and sweet when it is hot and i get to sit on my front porch for an afternoon with a good book. i love it when it is warm and spicy and disguised as milk and sugar when i feel like i just need to relax. i love it when it is fragrant and alcoholic and filled with honey when any part of by body is aching. and as a tribute to this, my single favorite beverage, i will now direct you to some fabulous teas:
  • Mighty Leaf
    with their silken, hand sewn tea pouches and their amazingly high quality loose teas, this company takes the tea experience to a whole new level. i especially love their vanilla bean, earl gold, and bombay chai teas.

  • Hale Tea Company
    i first had the english breakfast tea from this company when i received a small box of it as part of the wedding favor i received when my cousin christin got married in charleston. it remains the single best english breakfast tea i have ever had. it is just unbelievably smooth. (props to the hippie for ordering me a bunch of it for christmas! whoo hoo!)

  • Taylors of Harrogate
    the makers of the FABULOUS scottish breakfast tea. all of their teas are solid, but the scottish breakfast is a hands down favorite almost everyone to whom i have served it. it is strong and black and has a rich red liquor. i love it with lots of milk and sugar. (NOTE: i have not personally purchased from the link i included above--i buy it from a southern season in chapel hill, nc.)
i suggest you go make some tea RIGHT NOW!


Anonymous said...

yo, that is soooo weird that you posted something about tea today! for the first time in maybe months, i decided to have a cup of kiwi/pear flavored green tea this afternoon, a very refreshing alternative to the coffee i was about to get. you must have read my mind as i was sipping on it, washing away my stress...

Meredith said...

I've taken a liking to the new (well, new to me) teas that are being sold at Barnes & Noble. I think the brand is Harney & Sons or something like that. Anyway, all the teas I've had from this company are unique and fantastic. I'm enjoying a cup of Midsummer's Peach at this very moment!

jackie said...

hey meredith--Harney & Sons also makes a fabulous spicy cinnamon tea. YUM!