Wednesday, January 12, 2005

the sam and i

this morning the sam and i were messaging, as we do every morning. and afternoon. and some nights... but i digress...

let's just call it a running conversation.

anyway--in the course of la conversazione, she said something along the lines of, "she screams texas although she's from oklahoma, but same difference." same difference. it occurred to me that it is important as a Southern person, that you have other Southern people to talk to so that people can understand what the hell you are saying. people who GET things like, "cut off that light," or "y'all," or "i tell you what." i will never forget rita (not Southern, but still cool) spitting water all over the floor when she first heard me use the descriptive phrase, "hog wild." sam says her favorite is "in high cotton," and i have to agree that's a good one.

further, we had some discussion of the word audacity (see stupid creationist comment in previous post about animal sensitivity), and agreed that it would make a good name for a little girl. i pointed out that with my last name, jones, i could name a child ANYTHING and it would sound ok. Audacity Ann Jones. Stigmata Marie Jones. maybe for twins?

1 comment:

Samantha said...

Reading this has just made me feel like I'm high cotton, whooo doggie, I tell you what. Sorry couldn't resist. :-) Love you man.