Wednesday, January 05, 2005


tonight will be fabulous.

first, the hippie and i will go eat a quick and healthy mediterranean dinner at neomonde, a fabulous restaurant and bakery.

then, i will go meet the fabulous women in my knitting group for some knittin' time, during which i hope to make it to the fun part of my soon-to-be-felted blue bag where i get to put in the novelty yarn accents. love the novelty yarn! also love the girl time and the knitting time et al. NOTE: here is the bag i am making; it's the small, red bag in this picture.

and then, the hippie and i will go over to our friends jason and maggie's house for the season 4 premier of alias. alias is like crack, and tonight, we get TWO WHOLE HOURS of it (minus commercials). i am predicting that jack bristow will be revealed to be even more of a badass than we thought. and i bet sydney gets blindsided at least once and caught twice. she's just the worst spy ever--but i digress... thank god lauren is dead. i just can't WAIT!

whoo hoo for the evening ahead!

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