Tuesday, January 25, 2005


somewhere over the course of the past few weeks, i let myself get out of the habit of cooking. the hippie and i have been eating out WAY too much lately. and i realized last night, as we were unwinding from a VERY stressful day over a fabulous meal at one of our favorite restaurants--i missed my own cooking. so tonight i made a good, simple, healthy dinner, and i was delighted by it. if i don't cook for a while, i forget how much i like it, how relaxing it is, and the satisfaction that comes from eating something tasty and good for me that i made myself. cooking is like any craft to me--i even like going to the grocery store (i may actually be the only person on the planet who feels this way) becuase i walk around and get inspired to make things. and tonight i had the added bonus of running into friends while shopping for salmon. excellent. and now i am full, but not too full, and i feel good about eating healthy. so yeah--tonight's dinner made me happy.

and now i am finished with the dreaded late night conference call, and i am going to go spend the rest of my evening knitting on the couch with a girl movie in for amusement in the background. i have my tea, i have my biscotti, and i have my headset so that i can continue to knit if someone calls. it will be divine.

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