Friday, January 21, 2005

grey day of babbliness

it's hard for me to believe i have not posted in over a week! time really flies by sometimes, especially when you are busy.

last weekend jenn and gabriella went home with me to my parents' house while the hippie and harry were off in pittsburgh for a game weekend. it was great to have the company for the trip home, and my parents are utterly taken with gabriella (as are we all!) there was a lot of hanging out and talking and knitting--an excellent weekend.

the only problem is that i seem to get behind on all my home stuff when i am gone like that! i am still catching up on the general maintenance. and i have to say, the ridiculous little snow storm we had here on wednesday, which debilitated all of raleigh and caused us to take SIX HOURS to get home from work DID NOT HELP!!! but i digress...

so a week has flown by, and now i am faced with a weekend that should be good, if perhaps a shade overbooked. tonight we will see eric, a fabulous friend of the hippie's: we will have dinner in durham at another thyme and then go see part of a local film festival--a film called ong bak (described by eric as, "no-wires no-green-screen all-analog superstuntwork worthy of jackie chan before he got all doughy"), which stars tony jaa, who is supposed to be the next bruce lee. the hippie is sure to love all the muay thai stunts, and i admit, i am intrigued myself.

in other events this weekend, provided we do not get all iced in, tomorrow we will be heading to the gainey's with the johnsons for an evening of hanging out in burlington and seeing the new baby et al. and sunday may entail some wings and beer and football. the hippie is all hyped up for the steelers to win, but i have to say, i am more of a patriots girl myself. it may be war in the house by sunday. :)

today it is grey and cold-ass outside. i am thrilled that i will be spending the evening mostly indoors. i am NOT thrilled that i can't seem to find the yarn i want to use (patons melody in sunrays) for the new baby blanket i was planning to start this weekend. *sigh* i blame that on the weather too, because hell--why not? grey days just suck.

if we do get iced in tomorrow, i am making a fire and a big ol' pot of venison stew. and watching the rest of season three of 24. damn grant for leaving the crack that is 24 at our house!

i guess i should get back to work, but man, babbling is a lot more fun.

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Meredith said...

Yeah, 24 is pretty darn good. And season 3 is a distinct improvement over season 2 in my opinion. Jeff and Carrie got me interested in watching Buffy; I'm curious enough to rent the beginning of season 1 and try it out. As if I need to watch more TV.