Monday, November 14, 2005

beach house 2006

it's really hard for me to believe i got full compliance from the beach crowd this early, but by some miracle--i did! and yes, we have already procured our beach house for next summer. june 10th to be exact. whoo hoo! we're going during prime season this time, so that means we aren't right on the ocean. however, we appear to have a fabulous house in a gated community (hopefully they won't throw us out). heck--we even have a golf cart. and we will be just 200 yards from the beach access. i wonder--is it too soon to start counting down? let's see...215 days till the beach. that's a little drpressing, so i think i will wait till january to get the official countdown going. even though i am already ready to go! *sigh*

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Gary Freedman said...

gotta love the beach!