Wednesday, November 02, 2005

file under: misc.

Section One: Fire in the Sky
when i left work last night, the sky looked like this. the one thing i always like about this time of year and the time changing back to standard time is that i get to see these awesome sunsets every day when work is done. last night's was truly spectacular--like the sky was on fire. i was particularly intrigued by the reflections of the sky in the side of our building and in the windows of mycar--i couldn't stop taking pictures. i have been dying to paint lately, and a sky like this just makes that need worse. i really want to get an easel and clear out some space (somewhere!) so i can start painting again. hopefully i will be able to make that happen after the holidays. and by the way, does anyone else feel the holiday panic already begining to set in?! i feel like thanksgiving is basically tomorrow, and christmas can't be more than a week away!!! ack! but i digress...

Section Two: New Shoes!
the hippie came home last night from visiting the sam, and he brought with him a FABULOUS present for ME!!! observe my fabulous new shoes from the amazing john fluevog. i have been threatening to buy some shoes from this man for over a year now, but i always talk myself out of it. the hippie, he picked these out for me and even remembered to go up half a size since fluevog makes his shoes a bit on the small side. i think even the manolo would approve. today, i am sporting new shoes, a matching pink sweater, and my favorite black skirt from max studio. and while i wish i had stood by my initial urge to go with opaque black tights, i am still pretty happy with the whole thing. hopefully, i will be a HIT at dance class tonight! i have a wonderful man. i know i've said it before, but my hippie--he's a gem.

Section Three: Teaching Our Ways to the Young
observe the hippie teaching the young of the species to appreciate one of mankind's finest inventions: beer. doesn't he look happy as baby adam is reaching for his beverage? the hippie is always evangelical about his vices, but i have to say--this is the first time i have seen the process of corruption extend to one so young. observe as well how oblivious adam's father rick is. he turns a blind eye, knowing his baby son is in good hands. since alyce, adam's mother, was the one who took this picutre, i am going to assume she was in favor as well. heh.


Flaurella said...

Beautiful Gator Sunset!
Great shoes!

Just bought a pink and black knit top that would go perfectly with your beautiful pumps. My new sweater reminds me of licorice Allsorts, the pink and black layered ones. I adore shoes that are all pink or have pink accents. I just cannot resit them. Lovely gift!

Meredith said...

LOVE the shoes.

I have shoe envy.

Hippie did a fantastic job on those. :)

Anonymous said...

love those NC sunsets (awesome pic!), always have. not as many here in PA. miss them... :(

~C~ said...

A man that can pick out shoes like that??!! He's definately a KEEPER!!! I love the shoes!