Tuesday, November 15, 2005

new yarn store

today at lunch i ended up on my own, so i dragged over to check out this yarn store i have heard about, but have never actually been to. as far as i know, this is the only one in the area i haven't already dropped a load of bucks at. i called them to ask about specific yarns a couple of times, and they were always less than friendly on the phone. plus they are never open past 5pm, so i have never made it there on time. so today, while i made time for it, i have to say--my expections were low.

anyway--i went over there, and it's in this little old house and should be very cute, but instead it just smells funny. they have a TON of yarn, many that no one else around here has. the downside to that fact is that it's VERY disorganized and therefore overwhelming. when i went in, there were two people working ona one other customer. it took them about 15 minutes to even say hello to me. this is just not normal for a yarn store. still--i checked it all out, and once i figured out how to tell how much the yarn actually cost, i was settling in to have a pretty good time perusing. then i noticed the light--it was too dark in there to actually tell if anything matched anything else. *sigh* i finally gave up on the yarn and bought some knitting needles instead--they have a couple of brands that are hard to find around here. but then while i was paying for them and talking to another customer about christmas, i got to listen to the woman working there go on and on about how much she hates the holidays and how all she is going to do for christmas is knit since knitting is all that matters. ugh--it just left a bad taste in my mouth.

will i go back? i am sure i will--there are not so many yarn stores around here that i can afford to boycott any place with good yarn in it.

will i like it? questionable--let's just say that this is never going to be a place where i want to get to know the girls behind the counter.

in conclusion, here's my bottom line assessment of shuttles, needles, and hooks in cary--they have good yarn and lots of it, good needles, and a good location, BUT the people are negative and unfriendly, it's dark, claustrophobic, and overwhelming, plus it smells funny.


Samantha said...

Wait are you sure you were in a yarn store and not the northeast? ;-)

Joelene said...

First I am so envy you and your vacation house. Very envious!

I was looking at the prices, if you could fillthe house with even 5 or 6 people it is amazinly reasonable! I was amazed.

Second, do you have a favorite yarn store in charleston? I will be there in Dec, and I must visit new yarn stores.

jackie said...

hey jo! yeah--we have 9 adults and one baby going on the beach trip next year--totally affordable. plus we cook in almost the whole time, eat like kings, and only end up spending around $150 each on the food and booze. it's pretty great!

as for charleston yarn stores, i only know of one, and sadly, i have never managed to get in there. you should go check it out and screen it for me! it's called the cabbage row, and here's their website: www.cabbagerowshoppe.com/. looks like their focus is needlepoint stuff but that they have some unusual yarns, too. let me know how it is if you go!

Meredith said...

I say you bail on the new yarn store altogether and only shop at the FABULOUS store near me to buy your yarn. Maybe every other week or so? :)

jackie said...

i would love to hit BOTH the fabulous yarn stores near you every other week! although to be honest, i am not at all sure that is often enough...