Monday, November 07, 2005


my wrists are on fire. i spent a lot of time making wire things this weekend, and i still have a few more to go. and man, my wrists apparently can't take it. i have carpal tunnel, and have had it for years, and it seems like it flares up at the most inconvenient times. and well--this is a REALLY inconvenient time. i am working under a deadline, which is my own fault. although for those of you who know me--you know this is my process. i need pressure to produce. i have gotten better about procrastinating as i have gotten older, but i still wait till there is pressure to really get going. thank god i work fast. so anyway, all babbling aside, please think good thoughts for me as i try to get through the last 20 wire things while invisible knives are stabbing me in the arms. ouch. i will now stop typing and go home and rest my arms before i start back at it.

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Anonymous said...

Are you coming to Hatteras to personally deliver your wire things? I haven't seen/spoken to Jenn lately. Email me! Kristin