Tuesday, February 14, 2006

i hope he chews on it and drags it around with him for years, too

i talked to my friend alyce last night for about 5 minutes in the car while i was driving from place to place--the way i talk to most of my friends lately. and she gave me such a nice gift: she told me that the baby blanket i made for her baby, adam, is his favorite thing in the whole wide world. at day care, they call it his "miracle blanket" and they credit it with good naps and all around happiness in the notes they send to her about his day. she said when she gives it to him, he laughs and kicks his legs. this, my friends, is what i want for my knitted gifts. use. happiness. love. this happened to me once before with my friend aimee's first child, who loved the quilt i made for him so much that he almost loved it to death. it was almost a rag by the time they talked him into giving it up. i still keep the picture she sent me of him all rolled up in it like a burrito, sleeping. it still chokes me up. and he called me "green blanket lady" till he was 5 years old. i am ready to be adam's yellow blanket lady as long as he will have me. and hopefully the blankets i am working on now will get half as much love.

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