Monday, February 13, 2006

weekend knitting

so knitting in a sports bar is hard. well--let me ammend that. it wouldn't have been hard if we had been able to go to playmakers where i had planned to go. playmakers is nice and big and has great wings and very little smoke. it has HUGE TVs, and they are really nice about showing what people ask for. it's my favorite sports bar in the area. however, it was PACKED. so we shifted fire to this other place (woody's) that was darker, smokier, and where the waitress was not only rude, but it turns out that she also overcharged us--she gave herself a nice little 40% tip. grrrr. i knitted in spite of all this, but it wasn't quite the experience i was hoping for. but anyway.

started the clapotis, ripped it out again after about an hour and a half because i was doing something stupid, started it again and got about back to where i had been when i ripped it by the time we left the bar. saturday i wanted to knit all day, but there were errands and laundry and all that domestic stuff to deal with as well. it was one of those days when everything seemed to take longer than i thought it would. same with sunday. but i did get some knitting done--i am nearly through the increase rows on the clapotis, and about to move on to the straight rows where i get to start dropping stitches, which kind of scares the crap out of me. but so far, i am loving this thing! and i am loving watching the progress of the people on the team clapotis page as well--i have some major yarn envy! and man, i think i am a slow knitter, too--some of these guys are almost done with the thing!

oh, and i have to mention the bizarreness of the olympics opening ceremonies as well. i couldn't hear the sound, but i heard it as all 80s pop music, which is weird enough. but what a strange post-modern mix of stuff that thing was! what was with those flaming helmet things on those ice skaters? weird, man--totally surreal.

anyway--here's to getting through all the straight rows on this clapotis by the upcoming weekend.

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