Friday, February 10, 2006

ready, set, knit!

ok--i actually knitted a test swatch for my clapotis. i NEVER knit test swatches, as i hate doing that with every fiber of my being. but since i am using a different weight yarn than the pattern calls for, i figured i better test the fabric weight to make sure i chose the right needles for it. i am using my fabulous rosewood needles for the first time to make this thing (i bought them in the fall while shopping with meredith), and i am now sure of my sizing and of what variations i am going to make to the pattern--i am just antsy as hell to GET STARTED!!! but i can't cast on before 2pm--them's the rules. so tonight, i will be knitting in a sports bar while watching hockey and the olympics. should make that whole wing eating experience interesting. many friends will be coming along for the fun, but only i will be knitting. i obviously need more local knitting people.

by the way, more than 30 people have joined the knit-along i set up for this thing, and 3649 people are signed up for the knitting olympics. and since i am a total geek, i am ridiculously excited about it!


Meredith said...

I cannot wait to see how your scarf turns out! I think I am as excited about it as you are. I have serious yarn envy, too; that cashmere you bought is beautiful!!

erica said...

That yarn is gorgeous. I'm sure your Clapotis will be exquist. So how did the knitting go at the bar?

Good luck with your Olympic challenge!