Monday, May 08, 2006

kelly and amy got married.

we were there. in fact, we were those guests who never leave. the wedding was in this amazing B&B in benson, nc called the preston woodall house. the funny thing is that my boss had told me all about this place and recommended that we stay there. i swear, the man knows where to go, what to eat, and where to stay for every destination i have ever given him. but i digress... so yeah, the wedding was beautiful and saturday was just a perfect day. they got married in the morning outside in the bright may sun, and had a beautiful brunch reception in the ballroom of the B&B. kelly and amy are our friends from dance class, and i am happy to report that they did a wonderful job on their first dance--our instructor will be proud. amy put martha stewart to shame: with some help from her friend samantha (not MY samantha) and her sister, she made her own centerpieces, all the invitations, programs, and placecards, homemade peach jam for wedding favors, bouquets and flower arrangements, and her wedding cake, and it was all just gorgeous. they were VERY thoughtful in their placement of guests at the tables for the reception--we loved all our table mates, and the conversation was quite lively. theirs ranks very very high in the list of fun weddings we have attended. after the recetion, we spent the entire afternoon just hanging out with kelly and amy on the endless porches of the B&B, and somewhere around 8pm, they talked us into just staying there. there was one open room, and the owner was great about letting us rent it VERY last-minute. i made an emergency store-run for toiletries, yoga pants, and flip flops to wear home on sunday since, while my shoes were FABULOUS, they were also sporting a 4-inch heel. i can't say i wanted to deal with that on the day after, as it were. of course, all of this means we got NOTHING done this weekend, but i am OK with that. it was time very well spent with new friends. i took a ton of pictures, of course. you can check out a few of them here if you like. :)


the bride said...

kel and i can't believe that you took those pictures with a phone. what kind of steriods are you giving that thing?
weren't sure if you enjoyed being known as the couple from dance class or not, but think you were astonished with the amount we talk to others about dance class and the couple that we "practice" drinking with in pre- and post-dance activities.
anyone who doesn't have a samantha should get one. so the bride could smile and look like she was having fun, samantha channeled the bride and ran the show.
although it appears that i carried a glass of alcohol all day, that is completely untrue. i had to put it down for the formal pictures, where it was just outside of most shots, within arms length.
we love your blog.
your shoes are fab-you-lus - why would you ever want to take them off?

jackie said...

what are you doing, amy? smoking crack? i didn't take these with my phone! lol. i stole the hippie's fabulous digital camera for my own nefarious purposes long ago and took about a million pictures at your wedding with it. i hope you went and looked at the flickr set, too! :) thanks to y'all for a fabulous beautiful day!