Friday, May 05, 2006

need more knitting time

so i have been a little stressy this week, and my reaction that that is to sort of shut down and focus on small projects that i can complete quickly. kind of a control what you can approach to life i guess. thus my way-faster-than-normal progress on this baby garter stich cardigan, which i can't seem to get enough of knitting. the back and the right front are done, and the left front is going strong--i just need to finish that and add the edging and buttons. i am DYING to see it finished, so all i want to do is work on it. i wanna make a hat to match, and i already have the yarn to do it, so that's next in the queue. i seem to be into this idea of making hat and sweater sets since the eggplant thing. i finished the raglan eggplant sweater up a couple of weeks ago, but i realized i hadn't put any pictures of it up, so i snapped a few last night. i know you guys have seen the hat before, but it's so cute with the sweater that i could not resist including it. yay for finished objects and exciting WIPS! now, i jsut need to figure out what to do with my fabulous new pink yarn, which is very fine and sometimes fuzzy and VERY hard to knit with. i know i want to make a lacey-ish shawl or wrap-type thing out of it, and i would LOVE to have it in two weeks (although i realize that may well be a pipe dream). anyway--if you guys have any suggestions, i would greatly appreciate them.

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