Tuesday, May 16, 2006


trying to finish about 90k things at work and home before we leave to go to europe this weekend--i have had no time to post. i even have pictures just waiting in the wings to go live on my flickr account, and have had no time to deal with them either! annoying!

meanwhile, i HAVE had time to frog the entire front left side of the baby sweater i have been knitting. blah. i knitted the whole thing with the wrong size needles due to sheer stupidity. and you know, the whole time, i was like--this feels different--maybe i have just gotten used to the small needles, this side's going WAY faster than the right side... yeah. my needles were too big. i pulled out the whole thing. blah. again.

let's just say i am not having the best day. i won't even get into how badly my head has been throbbing since 6am or that disaster with the pop tart i had earlier. yeah. good thing i have a conference call tonight so i can relax a minute. oh wait. that sucks too. i'm going home, dude.


Flaurella said...

You had a bad day...
But you are going to Europe this weekend!

Don't worry, be happy.

Travel safely Take lots of pictures to share.

Your Knitters Tea Swap Pal said...

Sorry you're having a bad day. How exciting to be going to Europe this weekend! I hope you get your mini-gift before you leave! When will you be returning? Should I wait to send your big package?

jackie said...

yes, knitters tea swap pal! please wait to send the package until we are home. we return to the US on may 29th. i didn't even think about this being an issue, so i am glad YOU thought of it!!!