Thursday, June 01, 2006

once again, my tea swap pal trumps all else

my knitters tea swap pal is allegra, who went utterly overboard and sent me one of everything you can get in boulder, colorado that's related to either tea or knitting. i got this lovely big box, and it contained so much stuff, i was just overwhelmed! i feel like i won some kind of lottery or something. i got not one, but three kinds of yarn, 4 kinds of tea, 4 different treats, and a boatload of tea accoutrements as well! WOW!!! click on the picture for more details--i added some notes with explanations of what everything is. thank you SO MUCH, allegra! you ROCK!

in other news, i mailed out my own package to my other pal today--i hope she loves it! and yes, i am still working on the pictures frome europe. i am hoping to get them up this weekend--i have a little surgery tomorrow morning, which i suspect is going to leave me good for little besides sitting with a computer on my lap all weekend. it's coming, so y'all be patient!


Allegra said...

YAY!!! You got it!!! I am so glad you are happy with everything! It was such fun to put together, and yes, I did go over the top, but that's the kind of person I am in these situations!!

jackie said...

you have no idea, allegra! i have been sick since i got home froem europe, and when i got home on tuesday, i was feeling so tired and blah--your package really made my evening! i have been sharing cookies with my girlfriends at work, so you have made me rather popular there, too. and tomorrow, i am sure i am going to drink all that precious petals tea while i am recovering from my surgery. thanks again so much!

amy said...

Hope that everything went well with surgery. Kel and I are going to (overtake) the Tuesday night dance class this and next week because in another one of our secret lives, we have Stanley Cup tickets. We absolutely have missed you and the hippie during class the last couple of weeks, get back to feeling spendiferous soon.

allegra918 said...

I hope you are recovering well from your surgery. glad you are still enjoying your treats. the "izzy" shawl pattern you were asking me about on my blog is a karabella pattern. i bought it from jimmy beans wool online. hope that helps!