Tuesday, June 06, 2006

what is it with me?

i haven't finished cleaning up the pictures for europe, so i feel like i am not allowed to post anything at all or something. it's weird--like i have set this unattainable expectation for myself. so yeah. i defy that self-imposed restriction, and i have come to you to say--well--not much really. i came home from europe to a giant backlog of work and a terrible head cold. last week was busy and not much fun, filled with sinus pain and stress. friday i had a minor surgical procedure, and it went well. i was pretty scared about it to tell you the truth--that's the first time i have ever been put under for anything. but yeah--it went perfectly well, and i am nearly recovered. further, it appears that the massige dose of antibiotics they gave me got rid of my cold, which is a GIANT relief. i spent friday and saturday not doing much other than watching all of band of brothers (which was GREAT, by the way). i did manage to go see the new x-men movie, and i can't say it was really worth the abdominal pain i got from sitting upright that long. i did very little of use all weekend--i didn't even feel like knitting. i drank a lot of tea and read a lot and watched a lot of tv. this week--things are just insane trying to get ready to go to the beach next week and get all my work done, and get the house in order, and do the laundry, and get some wedding invitations printed for a friend, and all that. i am kind of stressed out. the result, dear reader, is that you are deprived the details of our travel to europe. i will get to it, eventually, but man--i can't handle any more stress right this second, so i am not killing myself to get it on here. it's coming, and in the meantime, you get some random rambling from me, as usual. :)

by the way, my knitters tea swap pal got my pakage and loved it, so yay for that! that was so much fun that i may actually consider doing some other swap-ish things online. we'll see...

oh, and go canes! i am wildly impressed that those guys managed to pull out a win last night after such a dismal start to the game. i do love me some hockey, even if i don't have the time to be a hardcore fan. it's good to see the local team doing so well. our friends kelly and amy have tickets to wednesday's game, those bastards! i'd skip dance class for that!


amy said...

it isn't you woman!
for the pictures - take 15 minutes and start. At the end of the 15 minutes, put it down and walk away. do something else for a little. come back a bit later, and do the next fifteen mins.
feeling behind sucks, so don't be behind, jump in where you are and get to it as it comes. it is way to overwhelming as a big chunk.
hockey kicks butt! game 2 here we come. i was on a plane for game one with DVR gladly running away at home. some jerky calls home and announces as we are deplaning who won.
we need to go out soon - call us when you are up to it or when you need a break from those pics.

jackie said...

oh, i've STARTED--i just can't seem to finish. i'll get it done someday. :)

Kristin said...

Glad you are back! Don't stress about the pictures! I love hearing about your regular stuff as much as, if not more than, your extra nifty things! Rest up and relax a bit! :0)

Laura said...

Jackie, I just wanted to thank you again for sending such a special package. I just posted about it on the knitters tea swap blog - thanks again for the great great stuff - I'm so glad to get to know you and will always think of you when I use these things and enjoy this pretty yarn too. :)