Wednesday, June 21, 2006


don't get excited--the europe pics are still a work in progress. however, i thought you guys had probably waited long enough that i would at LEAST offer up a little teaser of things to come. it's time consuming to process something like a gig of photographs when you have a pesky surgery and a whole other vacation to deal with. i'll get to it--i will. in the meantime, please just know that europe was amazing. i had the greatest dessert of my life on that trip. we ate and drank our way through every city and ended up on an island that i think may just be the most beautiful place i have ever been. you know you have been on a good trip when every place only left you wanting more... heh--much like this post, i imagine. well--i hope so anyway!

and now, sadly, we are home from the beach. every year, i wonder why it is that i have not yet found a way to just go live at the beach. i swear, my blood pressure drops by at least 10 points as soon as i can smell the salty air. and can we just talk about what ocean water does for my hair? i don't know it it's the minerals or what, but man, my shit looks better there than anywhere else in the world. (we will NOT discuss what my hair looked like in amsterdam. or how i looked after all those martinis. but i digress...) as always, it was divine to spend a week cooking and chilling and seeing friends i hope never to lose. i miss them all. working this week is proving to be something of a trial by fire.

in other news, my house is an utter wreck with which i have no time to deal. we have plans EVERY night this week and are busy as hell. i am already dreaming of the weekend in which i will try to do way more than is humanly possible to get my world back in order. let me just say right now how much i am looking forward to that 4-day weekend we have coming up over the 4th. oh, and also, let me say how grateful i am to have just had my first normal period in almost 3 years!!! not to get into all the messy details about my medical stuff, but man--going from 17-20 days of bleeding a month to 5 is a blessing from on high. let's hear it for a doctor who listened to me when i said something was wrong and who took the time to FIX THE PROBLEM!!! yay, surgery!!!

and last, but DEFINITELY not least--let's hear it for the carolina hurricanes!!! we watched the stanley cup finals monday night in our favorite sports bar, and it was just FANTASTIC to see our boys play such a great game and walk away with that cup! i stand in awe of cam ward doing so unbelievably well in his first season, of mike commodore for being the glue that held that whole team together, and all of them for their great athleticism and sportsmanship. what a great team we have here!!! and what an asset to raleigh! love me some hockey--can't wait till next season!


Flaurella said...

Gorgeous! Love the Eiffel Tower pic and the beach pic, both so pretty!

Now Hockey isn't really my game (nor Soccer) but Congrats to the NC Hurricanes. My Canadian friends are mighty pissed and I am totally gleeful. But, don't forget, My Florida GATORS are the NCAA National Basketball Champs and last night, the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. Who knew Florida would become a B Ball State!?

Please work on the pix. I am eagerly waiting to enjoy both Europe and the Beach.

Glad you are feeling better and on the mend.

Meredith said...

I can't see any of your pictures! :(

And yes, work is terrible this week. Columbus is boring as hell and it is hot and humid. With no beach. :(

Anonymous said...

hey you - can't wait to hear more about europe and i know the beach was a great week! i'm getting my yearnings for the coast as it has been WAYYY too long - i used to be such a frequent beach-goer, and life in the past 2-3 years has not afforded me that luxury as much - we take off for NC and a July 4th week at the beach next week and could not be happier!

glad you are well and healthy and look forward to hearing more about Europe (speaking of Europe, I've gotten rather hooked on the Travel Channel's 'Passport to Europe' so my list of places to go the next time i get over there is growing - may need to add some of your places to that list!).

finally, as long as we're giving sports shout-outs . .. yes, a big YAY for the hurricanes. also, i have to give props to my UNC Tarheels - just advanced themselves to the College World Series which will be played next week.