Wednesday, April 23, 2008

better day

i REALLY appreciate all the comments and stories from yesterday, people. it makes me feel so much better to know that others would feel (and have felt) similar rages over things like this, although it deeply saddens me to learn how common such things are. of all times to feel like the doctors aren't listening to you!!!

just for a quick update, i wanted to let you all know i feel SO MUCH better today. the bleeding i have had since The Incident on monday has finally subsided, and the cramping has tapered off, and i am actually back to feeling really good physically. the baby's low, and i have some pressure, but now it's back to me being able to read the signals my body is sending me. my head is in a much better place as well--after an hour and a half on the phone venting everything out to my best friend, i feel like i am mentally ready to face whatever comes. i am guesiing that this baby is going to be born pretty soon, although probably not in the next 24 hours. tomorrow i have the second of my two weekly doctor's appointments, and it's with my favorite doctor in my pracite--the one i trust the most and the one whose treatment philisophy is most in line with what i want and feel is right for me and our baby. i am actually looking forward to seeing him. today is a way better day...

ps--jackass goes off call at 5pm tomorrow. think good thoughts for me having this baby friday night when the fave doctor's on call. :)


Anonymous said...

Everything is gonna be swell and soon! You MAKE CERTAIN that The Hippie or MIL promises to keep us updated and post the news here.

It's going to be a joyfest and you must keep us posted ASAP, please.

Best wishes and congrats on this fine new young man. He's going to have a wonderful life and I want the news ASAP!


Milli said...

Excellent news.
Sending good doc vibes for you.

Anonymous said...

Told hippie yest. we are praying for this weekend for fave doc! i was in tears yesterday!!! called you first then J, so he got to hear it:) then i was in tears today in gymboree with gma, LOL. i'll be bringing a case of kleenex when i come:) all love and good thoughts and prayers your way~future gma:):)