Friday, April 25, 2008

happy due date to me!

baby bolero, FO

baby bolero, motif detail

a belly, a bolero, abima

40 weeks. hard to believe. and now all i want to do is get this baby out asap. come on baby! go go go! all of y'all, light candles, build altars, pray, and hope with me that this baby comes out this weekend all by himeself.

and since i am tired of talking and thinking about my pregnancy, here we feature the finished baby bolero, the only newborn sized garment i have knitted for the baby. and soon, he will be in it, stylin' and looking all cute. the pattern is from leigh radford's one skein book, and i knitted the body of it in about a minute. I changed the top shoulder seam from a real seam to a 3-needle bind off, and i had intended to change the sleeves from the way they are written to top-down and in the round. however, i stalled on that, as it required thought and math, and i just decided to go for the easier path and make them as written. i have read before that it was difficult to attach the sleeves, and i think the cause is generally that the row gauge is different for so many people. but me and leigh radford--we have identical gauges. always. in every pattern of hers i have ever touched. so anyway--this is one skein of blue sky alpacas organic cotton in willow, knitted with 8's and 9's. i love the little motif on the back, and i love how well it came out. i think it's going to fit my baby for maybe 5 minutes, but that's ok. i wanted him to have something to wear that i had made for him from the beginning. :)

as for the bottom picture, that's my belly eclipsing the bolero being modeled by my favorite of the baby's toys so far: abima. he's one of two uglydolls we've gotten for the baby, and i LOVE him. he's coming to the hospital with us...


Kristin said...

As I compose with an enormous smile on my face, I am at a loss for words. I always get so filled with emotion when I see a friend's heart's desire come true. Know that we are just THRILLED for all of you!

My little guy was scheduled for induction, but came far quicker than expected. Hoping spontaneous labor for you as well. :0)

Anne Lindenfeld said...

Good luck, good luck! I know everything will be just fine for you and your little boy. I've been checking your blog daily, thinking every time that himself must have arrived by now. (Bet you know that feeling!)

All the best to you and the Hippie.

Anonymous said...

the debbies are praying, the candles are lit, heading to the pasture to build the altar:) so, abima, the new basha, i can see it, LOL. hugs, prayers and kisses~denise, the gma:)