Friday, April 11, 2008


i don't know what could be better than wrecking your brand new three-week-old car two weeks before your due date, do you? i mean really... is there a better way to spend a glorious and blindingly sunny spring afternoon than dealing with police reports and broken cars? i can't think of a SINGLE ONE. *sigh*

the good news is--no one was hurt unless you count the cars themselves. the baby's as kicky as ever, so he's fine, too. mostly, i feel like an asshole as it was definitely my fault. but i am trying not to beat myself up about it and just file it under the "shit happens" category. the cars will get fixed and i will deal with the subsequent rise in my car insurance and all that. just not a good time for me to be adding any more pain in the ass factors to my life.

by the way--the irony here is that i was in the location of the accident because i needed to stop by the car dealership to show them a little missing pin from one of the car door seals. i had been there at the new car joint literally 15 minutes before i calmly drove the car into someone else's new car. life is often just totally ridiculous.


Em said...

What a completely sucky thing to have happen on such a beautiful day (or any day, for that matter.) So sorry to hear about your car!!! I hope the hippie will pick up some delicious take-out on his way home.

Allegra said...

boo, that sucks. just blame it on the hormones.

Anonymous said...

How about getting rear-ended; getting your car back 2 weeks later and getting rear ended 4 days later. And I had only had the car for 4 months.

Nah - I think yours was worse. I'm so sorry, but glad baby and Mom are ok. How did the man take the whole thing?