Wednesday, March 29, 2006

adventures in cooking

i love to cook. i know i have probably said that before, but every once in a while, i just have a positive cooking moment that reinforces it. last night, i did NOT feel like cooking, but i had bought stuff to make for dinner, and i didn't want to just end up throwing it away. so i manned up, washed all the dishes, aand got dinner ready. i was going to make some chicken in this bottled ginger peanut sauce i got from a southern season. so i got it all in the pan, opened the bottle, and the sauce tasted like absolute crap! after a debate with myself over what to do next, i decided to just make my own. with, you know--my zen. so i got out everything i could think of that would go, and i whipped together a FABULOUS sauce. it had peanut butter, honey, ginger oil, tamari, sambal oelek, chili oil, garlic, and a little white pepper. don't even ask me how much of what i put in it--i have no idea. i just started mixing stuff and tasting. and then i put it on some boneless chicken breasts, cauliflower, and baby carrots, covered the pan, and baked it for like 40 minutes. then i added some chopped scallions at the end. delish. made me feel like a chef for a few minutes. :)

and in another small victory, i just turned down a wonderful-looking fresh doughnut that one of my evil co-workers just offered to me. go me.


Stephanie said...

yes cooking is fun and i enjoyit as well!!

Meredith said...

I've decided that the world I built on small victories. Congratulations! :)

And I love improv cooking as well. I wish I could taste your peanut sauce.

Flaurella said...

This is how great recipes are formed and fine chefs are born! :))

Send me some, please!