Friday, March 03, 2006

le clapotis, n. m., lapping: the act of winding around or swathing

this may well bore you to tears, but this post is really mostly for me, so i can remember the experience of whipping out this clapotis in 16 days for the knitting olympics and how hard it was! i also want to remind myself that i CAN meet a goal i give myself if i really try, even when it's a big HUGE challenge for me. and man--do i LOVE my clapotis!!!

pattern: clapotis, from
variations: added one increase set and thus, one decrease set (and if i had it to do over, i would add at least one more straight set as well--i had about 60 yards of yarn left over)
yarn: ~2.6 skeins of a.l. de sauveterre's estelle (100% cashmere, sportweight)
color: orion
needles: US size 6 lantern moon 14-inch rosewood needles
  • august 25, 2005: order yarn
  • august 31: yarn arrives
  • february 02, 2006: join knitting olympics
  • february 03: form team clapotis
  • february 04: wind yarn
  • february 09: knit swatch for gauge/size; frog swatch
  • february 10: clapotis started during televising of opening ceremonies
  • february 11: some progress in increase rows, photos taken
  • february 13: knit and frog 2.6 sets of increase rows because of stupid mistake
  • february 16: meet knitting group, finish increase rows, drop one stitch!
  • february 17-18 moderate progress
  • february 19-20: stalled--too much going on, friends visiting, etc.
  • february 21: knitted for 3 hours with jenn, made mistake, pulled out all progress. blah.
  • february 22: dance class--behind on knitting
  • february 23: hippie's game night--watched all of the extended verion of the two towers and most of the return of the king while knitting. at end of day, through 7.6 sets of straight rows.
  • february 24: no knitting, went dancing instead
  • february 25:
    8:39am: made tea, put in the rest of the return of the king, ate half a bowl of cereal, started knitting
    10:07am: made oatmeal and more tea, put in lost dvd, kept knitting
    1:38pm: made hippie go for pizza, stopped knitting long enough to eat some, still knitting
    2:30-ish pm: hippie goes to back room to work on computer, so i break from lost and put in some other dvd--i have no idea what
    3:40pm: take short break for girlscout cookies and milk
    8:50-ish pm: hippie runs out for chinese food, more lost
    somewhere around midnight: hippie goes to bed, put in end of pride and prejudice (the A&E one)

  • february 26:
    12:40-ish am: make tea, put in sense and sensibility dvd
    2:32am: finish straight rows, take photos, move from couch to chair in effort to minimize back pain
    3-something am: movie ends, get up and walk around a minute, make more tea, eat some girl scout cookies, and put in ever after dvd
    5:something am: take involuntary nap in middle of purl row, sleep for about an hour and 40 minutes holding knitting in hands
    7-ish am: wake with violent start
    7:13am: make tea, start knitting on the couch again, back up ever after dvd to where it was when i passed out
    8:24am: make tea, eat some cereal, keep knitting
    10:10am: wake up hippie, make coffee for him and tea for me, tell him he's on his own for breakfast since i have to knit
    noon-ish: eat some leftovers for lunch. things at this point are kind of a blur. i just keep knitting and knitting, knowing in my heart i am not going to make the 2pm deadline for gold. blah.
    2pm: write blog post about failure
    2:07pm: keep knitting--i am determined to finish today
    3-ish pm: take shower, let hot water run on hands for about 20 minutes
    3:30-ish pm: put in pirates of the carribean dvd, beg hippie to go get milk so i can eat the rest of the girlscout cookies
    3:57 pm: last of the girlscout cookies, milk, more tea, become bored with dvd, move to comfy velvet bedroom chair and opt to talk on the phone with meredith instead--thank god for headsets
    7-something pm: nearly give up, decide to go out to dinner with the hippie instead of knitting any more, even though i am almost through decrease rows
    8:00pm: closing ceremonies come on tv in the restaurant, filling me with new determination--pay for dinner and run home to finish up
    8:39pm: decrease rows complete
    just after 9pm: finished! hands go completely numb while inraveling last dropped stitch
  • february 27th: take photos, blog about completion, but failure to achieve gold

  • february 28th: receive comments on blog post saying gold is deserved since casted on in televising of opening and bound off in televising of closing--email yarn harlot to ask her for a judge's ruling--yarn harlot grants gold medal! yay!!!!!
  • february 29th: gold medal received
much thanks to the hippie, yarn harlot, and team clapotis, for all the support! and thanks to my kitties for keeping me company through the whole thing. i can't believe it's taken me all week to get around to posting this! click here for the complete set of photos. :)


joelene said...

Jackie! It is so wonderful! I am glad that you finished it! You will have that scarf forever and it is so lovely.

I lust after that yarn daily!

I give you 3 gold stars!!!!

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, that Clapotis of yours has really turned out so beautifully, you did an amazing job with it and certainly deserved Gold for that! After all these experiences with it I'm sure you're going to treasure it forever, and it's definitely worth doing so!
Have fun knitting, and best wishes from Austria!

Nicole said...

Beautiful work Jackie!

I just wanted to stop in & say hi, didn't want you to think I've gone back to my lurking ways. :)~