Friday, March 31, 2006

my friends are good to me

the sam, she sent me some tulips today. they were waiting for me in a box when i came in to work this morning, and they are BEAUTIFUL. there's no reason for it other than my somewhat crappy week, which makes it the best kind of gift there is. i love the sam. the sam loves me. life, it ain't so bad, when it comes right down to it. even if i AM still sad for my house and all the people i know who have gotten Bad News this week. i am thinking good thoughts for you guys. and apparently, you are thinking good thoughts for me too, so thanks people. and thanks, samanta!!! you brightened my whole day.


Meredith said...

Those ae beautiful tulips! :)

Flaurella said...

What a beautiful photo you took of the tulips. Just gorgeous!

Good friends are a gift to cherish. Hope April brings you and all of your buds much good news and happy times.