Tuesday, March 14, 2006

various annoyances

today is pi day, and i forgot to wear my pi shirt. how annoying is that?! in fact, today has been pretty annoying all around. it's no fun to make a bunch of doctor's appointments, not get called back by our realtor, and to take my car in for a simple oil change and tire rotation, only to be told that really--i should go ahead and do $600 worth of work to it. blah. the good news is that my tax refund will cover the whole cost of our plane tickets to europe. the bad news is that this car is going to eat all my new-clothes-for-europe money. blah again.

oh, today is also the official date for steak and blowjob day, but that's not when we celebrate it. we celebrated it on march 26th the first year we were together, and we refuse to change. i don't have a special shirt for that, but if i did--i would probably forget to wear it. information i should perhaps not be sharing with the internet, but it's too late now. heh.


FreeThinker said...

Happy Pi Day (and S&BJ day), everybody!

jo said...

I can't wait to see what search engine hit you are going to get for this post!

Happy Pie day:)