Tuesday, March 28, 2006


i was telling the hippie this morning, and then i was telling meredith (because i tend to repeat myself) about how i deperately wish i had the fuck-you money so i could just walk out of life for about 6 months and just focus on myself. you know what i mean? just go live at a spa where i could work with a personal trainer to get in shape, eat healthy food that someone else made for me, read, knit, write, swim, paint, have a spa treatment every day, sleep. god, the bliss of that. then at work, i came across this picture from a resort where my boss will be staying in a couple of weeks, which just made the dream more real. and since i'm fantasizing, let's go ahead and make it a spa resort at a beautiful beach somewhere warm and sunny. and let's bring along the people i love. i think i need some kind of spiritual reset button or something. i am feeling kind of blah and stagnant.

this is a pipe dream, of course. so, back here in reality, i am resolving to do something small for myself every day. for example, yesterday i took about an hour and a half and went to the mall all by myself. i strolled. i didn't hurry. i wasn't really after anything specific. i bought a new rug for my kitchen. i bought some hand lotion for my office. i bought a philisophy skin care starter kit to try to get my skin to stop being so tired and splotchy looking. and i even used it. baby steps to a happier jackie. if you guys have any tips on having getting my attitude readjusted, i would love to hear them.


Flaurella said...

You go, Girl!

My little treats are wonderful scented bath potions and lotions, fragrant candles, fluffy towels and spa sandals. I pamper myself in my 1885 bathtub and no one else is allowed in that room.

Another fave is fine bedding and pillows, along with linen sprays, bed powders and aroma therapy. All small things but things that make me feel pampered.

Of course, a good solid martini doesn't hurt! [g]

Treat yoursef to things you love. Pink shoes work for me, too!

Anonymous said...

i'm a bit late in responding to this post, but i understand your feeling - i think we've all had it before, and for me, it typically hits sometime around this seasonally transitional time of the year - that, plus all the #&$A@ you've been dealing with the house and such hasn't been fun. My tip - get OUTSIDE! get in the fresh air, whether it's a sunny day, a just-after-a-rain afternoon or a lingering winter-weather day. spring is here, and being outside always leaves me with that hopeful, almost restless, butterflies-in-my-stomach feeling. you've got a wonderful neighborhood - maybe you and hippie could meander around it . . . just a thought. thinking of you, kimmie