Thursday, January 18, 2007

ask and ye shall receive

what was it, like a week ago that i asked for snow? well--i got some! not a lot, mind you. not enough to have me snowed in, on my couch with a fire going, making some stew, watching all of season 4 of 24 in real time, and knitting up a storm, but still. maybe i should be more specific next time i wish for something... anyway--i am like a kid when it snows--i get all excited, which the hippie thinks is just ridiculous. but i can't help it! maybe it's having grown up in the South where it doesn't happen very often. it's raining now, and the snow is all going to melt, but it was still awfully pretty to wake up to! it was colder than the beejeezus this morning, too--and i went outside in my PJs to snap this picture of these cute little birds, who didn't seem to mind the weather in the slightest. yay for winter! (you know, for a few days until i get sick of being cold and want may in january back again.)

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Anonymous said...

come on home, i'll give ya snow:) snowboarding with T in the back field!!! love ya. ~pseudo mom in law