Wednesday, January 31, 2007

now i'm getting excited!

01 - mailbox

02 - house

46 - detail of he stairs

10 - hippie in the kitchen
we had our inspection on monday, which went REALLY well. i basically spent two hours walking through the house taking pictures in between arguing with the hippie about what color everything should be, where the furniture all needed to go, who gets the bookshelves in HER room, and what all we need to buy. a fun couple of hours, and definitely a pleasant way to spend a monday morning. now that the inspection is done, and we have nothing major in need to repair, we have both given in and gotten excited! we're set to close on february 23rd, and then we're hoping to spend the next motnh painting and slowing moving all our massive piles of books over there. then at the end of march, we will, in true first-house-together fashion, elicit all the help of all the men and boys we know to carry in the heavy things. whew! i am a little overwhelmed just thinking about all we have to do. the one thing we MUST buy is a refridgerator, but there are so many other things we WANT--that's overwhelming, too. we are following the advice of many friends and just moving in with what we've got before we go nuts and start ordering 47-inch LCD televisions thousands of dollars worth of furniture. anyway, thanks to y'all for all the well-wishes so far, and PLEASE keep thinking the good thoughts our way--a million things could still go wrong. fingers crossed, people!

if you are interested, i have added a few (read: 97) pictures to the flickr set of house pictures--it's the whole walking tour of the house! please don't feel obligated to look at all these pictures, but also know that we're happy to share and have you peruse. if you DO go a-lookin', i recommend NOT using the slide show option and scrolling through instead, as the titles will help you know what the hell you're seeing.

YAY for the new house!


Samantha said...

Congratulations! So excited for ya'll. :-) The Sam

Allegra said...

How exciting! I just love the house!!

Amy said...

Wow! The house is great...especially love those hardwood floors! Hmm - that weird alcove outside the master bedroom...wonder if you could make it into a linen closet? Something I'm desperately lacking in my house! Congrats!

Flaurella said...

I am absolutely THRILLED for you both! I have been waiting to hear that the deal went through. So happy for you!

I remember our first house and how exciting and scary it was signing those papers, committing to that mortgage. Such an exciting and fun time.

Yes, move all your stuff in and play "doll house" for a while before you start buying stuff. Make a list of the most important to the least important things you want to buy. The list can change daily but I'd say a fridge is pretty high up on the list. LOL

Okay, off to go view the pictures, one by one. I'll leave comments on the photos.

Congratulations! I am so pleased and happy for you and the hippie.

Hugs ~~~

amy m-w said...

We'll get the paintin' gear and goo-gone for the pendant light sticker (cool pics) ready. Love all of the cool storage stuff and the feel of the house is wonderful.

jackie said...

thanks for all the well-wishes and compliments--i am pretty damned fired up at this point!

amy r--we're thinking of making a wine cellar out of the weird alcove thingy. or at least a shoe closet. something.

amy m-w--you crack me up! that sticker on the pendant light's driving me NUTS! the good news on the painting front is that we only have to paint walls--the ceiling and trim are all a-ok! whoo hoo!

i'm off to read flaurella's comments. :)

Amy R said...

OOH - A wine cellar! Shove the linens somewhere all means, make room for more wine!