Tuesday, January 30, 2007

warm hands

fingerless glove
just so y'all don't think i am dead or something, here's something to look at. my office is COLD--always. and my hands get REALLY cold because i sit there and type on a computer all day. so. in want of a quick and dirty knitting project, i made myself some fingerless gloves from last minute knitted gifts. these are made from (surprise!) my beloved julia. i had this yarn leftover from the eggplant hat and matching baby sweater i made a gajillion years ago, so i used it up. even though a skein of this yarn is just 93 yards, i had plenty for the pair with some to spare. whoo hoo! anyway--i will post some more house pics tomorrow, but for now, i just wanted y'all to know i was still here, and that my hands are now warm.

by the way--we are through inspection on the house--things are moving right along...

1 comment:

Amy M-W said...

We'll see you at dance tonight.
Sounds like the house stuff is moving along.
Fingerless gloves - very cool.