Wednesday, January 10, 2007

little things

revolution bombay chai

this week, i have been dieting and going to the gym and thinking an awful lot about my health, both mental and physical. i am making a concerted effort to be nicer to and take better care of both my body and my spirit. it's not really a new year's resolution so much as it is a much-needed mental shift. i have been really trying to do at least one nice thing for myself every day--read some of a book just for fun, knit a little, give myself a facial mask, etc. and yesterday when i ran into this little swank grocery store near my house to grab something i needed to make dinner, i saw these fabulous little packs of revolution tea--sampler packs of 5 teas each. the packaging is just beautiful, and the teas i have had from this company before were lovely, so i indulged. last night i made a cup of bombay chai tea from this little box. it was HEAVEN. if you have never tried these teas before, let me just say--you must. the tea bags are little silken pouches, and the smells are lovely, and the tastes are subtle and delightful. get some. it's like taking a hot bath just to drink one cup.


wayfarer said...

I keep hearing about this tea...gonna have to give it a go i think.

Flaurella said...

So glad you (both?) are on the mend. Your tea time sounds lovely. If I were there, I'd come make you dinner after a wicked good Manhattan or a fragrant Sapphire martini with a twist. Tea nurtures the soul but likker kills the germs!

Get better fast. Hope it is cold there. We are freezing down here but that's because it's been so warm that 34 felt like 20 degrees. Still, perfect sleeping weather with the windows open, a box fan and a stack of blankets piled high on the bed. At least we saw the sun. :))