Tuesday, January 09, 2007

scarves and other knitting stuff

scarves for me

big fat red cabled scarf, detail
one thing about being sick for so long, it gives you some time to finish up some knitting. since christmas, i have finished both the purl scarf and the big fat red cabled scarf. i left the mistake in the red scarf. yes--it's still bugging me. but not enough to make me frog it. it's for me and not a gift, so i have decided to let it be my deliberate mistake as though i were a rug maker. there is only one allah and only allah can make a perfect scarf. or something. anyway. too bad it's been too cold to wear these babies! actually, today it was cold, but i had to wear my clapotis--i am still so in love with it. but tomorrow, one of these beauties is going out the door with me. oh, and yes--i know--the fringe on the purl scarf is out of hand! i intend to take about half of that back off. the purl scarf is two skeins of manos del uraguay and two different colors of kidsilk haze, 1 skein each. it may be the longest scarf in recorded history not worn by an eccentric, time-traveling, british man. did i mention that it has too much fringe? the red cabled scarf is 3 skeins of rowan big wool, and i LOVE how poofy and soft it is. both of these scarves are for ME! :)

dream swatch, FO rolled up
and just for completeness, here's a picture of the dream swatch, all finished up. i still love the noro sakura for this pattern, and man, it was a joy to knit. it went so fast! the truth is that i love almost all of wendy bernard's patterns. i am hoping to make my first, real, fitted, for-me-to-wear garment this year, and i am 99% sure it's going to be something from wendy. i'll keep you posted.

on the needles right now are yet another felted bag (it's for emily who has no time to knit it herself) and a hat, which is not going all that well. the hat is for my friend marilyn and is my first attempt at knitting design. the problem is that this hat is fair isle, and i am not all that experienced with it yet. i knitted it up, and it was all pucker-y, so i frogged and started again. but now i think it may be too big. anyway--i think it's going to be pretty when i get it finished--it's in my beloved julia in a wonderful dark chocolate brown, two colors of bright pink, and just a smidge of green. i'll take a picture as soon at there's something to show.

ps--i am back on track and updating my weight loss blog regularly--the link is in the sidebar if you're interested.


wayfarer said...

I love that red one. Looks so cozy!

Andi said...

What pattern did you use for that double cabled scarf? I love it, and I happen to have 3 balls of biggy print that would look great as a scarf.

jackie said...

hey andi--the red scarf is from the little box of scarves, but it's really just a big double horseshoe cable with a garter edge. for the rown big wool, i cast on 18 sts and did a 12 st wide horseshoe, but you may need to adjust that for the biggy print--if i remember correctly, the big wool uses 17 needles while the biggy print calls for 35s. good luck--email me if you want more info. :)

painter girl said...

all are super beautiful and I love the swatch! I hear so much about you from miss denise and ya'll sound like you have so much fun. she was telling me just today about your wonderful stir fry. I saw the recipe and will have to make it for me and Will.

Kristie said...

I just finished a dream swatch also, love the pattern, looks great, but rolls so bad on the sides!! I can't stand it and i'm about the rip it out and add a 3 stitch garter stitch edge to it. How'd you get yours to lay so flat?

jackie said...

hey kristie! i think some of it is blocking the beejeezus out of it, and some is the heaviness of the yarn--the noro sakura has some weight to it, which seems to help flatten it a little. that said--it's NOT perfectly flat. i think adding some garter to the sides is a great idea.